Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kristen Stewart Transcending Bella

Kristen Stewart galore, in terms of different dresses she used during the promotion of
"Breaking Dawn: Part 2"

(Image:  US Magazine)

Via Kristen Stewart News:
Do you miss Bella? Is it strange after all these years of “Twilight” films to think you’ll never do another?
The most difficult thing I've ever done is to go off to another project like “On the Road” wondering if Bella would still stay with me. I didn't take many other projects while we were doing “Twilight.” In the end, Bella didn't stick with me more than any other character. Of course, there are people who so genuinely love the “Twilight” movies and books that they've said, “Every single time I see you in a movie, you’re still Bella to me.”

It doesn't bother me. I just say, “Fantastic, you’re a big Bella fan. I can totally relate. I’m a fan of Bella, too.” I do think people assume that I’m Bella. I have to prove to them that I can do other things and that she was just a character.

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