Saturday, March 9, 2013

Toledo, España

Toledo, Spain (Image: Spain in USA)


  1. Spain is on my "must see" list!!!
    my parents and my aunt and Grandmother went there..they all found it to be a beautiful country..they enjoyed it and the people so very much!!
    enjoyed this post ,my friend!!
    it was so nice to "stop..and take a short trip"!!!
    hugs from So. California!!

  2. Spain is the 'madre patria' for me...the motherland, if you will, as my descendants hail from there. Basque on my father's side and Galicia, generally, on my mother's.

    I have never been, but I definitely need to go.

    My parents have traveled there extensively, in the past.

    Happy Birthday to Titus, by the way...I send him, via your email, an e-card, xoxo



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