Thursday, March 14, 2013

What I Feel As Of Yesterday

Thank God for The Rolling Stones and Noomi Rapace...totally encapsulates what I am experiencing since the moment I, ghastly, witnessed, via Fox News, Cardinal Bergoglio being entrusted with the See of the Apostle, St. Peter !!!

If anyone is interested in my, overall, views regarding the new pontiff, you can read it here.


  1. i am a believer who does not believe in organized religion....
    my hope is that the Catholics are happy with their new hope is that the new Pope cleans out the Church of those who would defile it with their actions.

  2. As a Catholic and as a Papist, it saddens and shocks me that this is the individual that the College of Cardinal electors choose...he will be a transitory figure, at best, at the behest of the Curia.

    There were so many other candidates that had the fortitude and qualifications for leadership in the 21st century, such as: Cardinal Scola, Dolan, O' Malley, Tagle, Ouellet, Turkson, Rodriguez, etc.

    This selection tears at the very fiber of my faith.



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